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PSD2 : Final Countdown

The EU’s Revised Payment Service Directive is on its way. Once live, bank customers, both business and consumer, will be able to give third-party providers permission to retrieve their account data from their banks. The third-party providers may then, for example, initiate payments for the users directly from their bank accounts.

Through this directive, the European Commission aims to improve innovation, reinforce consumer protection while improving both the security of internet payments and account access within the EU and EEA.

According to PSD2’s legal and regulatory requirements, Banque Transatlantique London Branch (hereafter “BTLB”) will ensure that from 15/03/2019, its API’s (developed by Berlin Group and hosted on LuxHub platform) technical documentation, testing environment “Sandbox” is available for the all the authorised and registered third party payment service providers (hereafter “TPPs”). If you are a TPP and wish to know more about BTLB’s swagger, on-boarding procedure or if you have any technical requests, please contact LuxHub who has been mandated to act on our behalf as an intermediary with the TPPs. In addition, please do not hesitate to consult the following website designed for your attention: :




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