Banque Transatlantique



Following a strategic review, we regret to inform you that Banque Transatlantique SA has decided to terminate the UK private banking and discretionary investment services provided by its London Branch (BT London Branch).

As a result, BT London Branch will cease to accept new UK banking business with immediate effect. This includes the opening of new cash/securities accounts, setting up new direct debits, downloading the mobile banking app, issuing debit cards or taking new fixed term deposits.

In respect of existing banking arrangements, BT London Branch notifies you as follows:

(I) All accounts (both cash and securities) will be closed by 31st October 2019;

(II) All debit cards and mobile banking app will be terminated by 31st October 2019;

(III) All direct debits and standing orders will have to be transferred by 15th October 2019;

(IV) All fixed-term deposits will be terminated by 1st October 2019;

(V) All discretionary portfolio mandates will be terminated by 2nd August 2019 (close of business) whether these portfolios are in custody with BT London Branch or CIC Swiss;

(VI) Any assets held to secure a loan or overdraft facility with Banque Transatlantique in Paris will have to be moved to another entity of the Group by 1st October 2019.


All above-mentioned services will continue to be provided without interruption to existing customers until the dates specified above.

Until the 31st of October 2019 remains unchanged and you can still find all the information you need regarding our current products and services. From the 1st of November 2019 a new version of the website will be published online.

Looking ahead, our London based private bankers will of course be able to keep offering the banking services of Banque Transatlantique SA in Paris. Your Private Banker will continue to offer all the banking services of the Bank in Paris including deposits, payments, borrowing or securities accounts.

Should you have any questions, please contact your Private Banker.