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A GBP Debit MasterCard – Designed by us, inspired by you

Banque Transatlantique Debit Card

Having supported you for over a century, the development and release of the Debit MasterCard GBP is another step that Banque Transatlantique London Branch has taken to ensure that your needs are adhered to.

Released in October, the Banque Transatlantique Debit MasterCard GBP is internationally accepted, enabling you to conveniently and safely shop at your leisure.

With convenience now at your fingertips – Banque Transatlantique London Branch are ensuring that you have the power to bank and transact independently, whilst always having the additional benefit of high cash withdrawal limits than compared to the traditional Debit Card.

Initially offered in standard, the Banque Transatlantique Debit MasterCard GBP can be upgraded to either the premium or exceptional VIP profile which is available upon request; ensuring that your banking needs are met at every stage of your life.

Also available to minors from age 11, the Banque Transatlantique Debit MasterCard GBP is 3D secure and contactless; with delivery either straight to you or to Banque Transatlantique London Branch.

Interested? Please contact your private banker today for more information.

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